The Scope of This Blog

The name of this blog comes from 1 Thessalonians 5:21. My hope for this site is to  I am a follower of Jesus who believes the Bible is the word of God and therefore is the standard of truth, against which all other things are measured. (Though, even this should be tested.)

This blog discusses the Bible, Theology, Philosophy, Christian Apologetics, and Christian Living.

The following are some specific topics I hope to tackle. I have studied these in depth, but there’s always more to learn!

  • Dispensational premillennialist theology
  • Pre-tribulation rapture
  • The importance of eschatology
  • The Biblical alternative to both Calvinism and Arminianism
  • Creation and the Age of the Universe, Biblical interpretation, and the philosophical assumptions involved in the question

The next list is of topics I am eagerly pondering and reading about. These are subjects I am newly studying, but I hope to distill and share what I have been learning.

  • Thomistic philosophy
  • Classical Christian apologetics (as opposed to evidentialism or presuppositionalism)
  • Rational Theism and Rational Atheism
  • Apologetics and Evangelism
  • Christian Epistemology

It is very important to me to “test all things,” as the verse exhorts us. Every assumption should be checked. I want to examine everything that I grew up believing, rather than simply taking someone else’s word for it. There are many things I have examined carefully and have come to conclusions on, and much of this blog will be sharing those. There are also many things I want to investigate and have yet to form a position on, so this blog will be a vehicle for that. Stay tuned!

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