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A Concise Response to A Concise Case for Amillennialism

Anthony Charles at released a blog post recently, subtitled, “A Concise Case for Reformed Amillennialism.” It seems like a worthwhile platform for dialogue, so here is a Dispensational Premillennialist’s reaction to the article.

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Spirit Baptism According to Peter

Is Spirit baptism a separate concept from water baptism? What does the New Testament mean by the word “baptism”? It at least means a ritual involving water, but scriptures also seem to apply the word to an act of the … Continue reading

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Notes on Guilt Grace Gratitude Podcast Season 3 Episode 24

A twitter follower asked for my opinion on this podcast episode, wondering if I thought they represented Dispensationalism fairly. Here are a few notes in response: The podcast guest kept saying, “Gentile church and Jewish Israel,” when describing our view … Continue reading

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Are my senses as authoritative as Scripture?

All knowledge comes to us via the senses (let’s leave aside direct revelations from God at the moment). So, when I observe the natural world, I use my senses, and when I read a book I use my senses. The … Continue reading

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5 MORE Terrible Objections to the Rapture

This is a response to Dr. Jordan B. Cooper’s 5 Major Problems with the Rapture. I watched Dr. Jordan B. Cooper’s video from a couple of years ago titled, “5 Problems with the Rapture.” Why did I watch a two … Continue reading

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Is Simulation Theory Self-Defeating?

My recent Intro to Apologetics video gave some examples of self-defeating statements. Here’s another example.

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Addendum – Why do YOU believe?

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The Right way to Approach Christian Apologetics

The right way to approach Christian Apologetics. Continue reading

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The Edge Pieces to the Puzzle – Romans 9-11 overview (with presentation visuals)

I took the audio from my talk at Thrive last year and synced it to the presentation I prepared with it. I think the visuals help. Check it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully, more video content … Continue reading

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Be Mindful of the Return of Christ – 2 Peter 3 at Thrive Gig Harbor

My humble first video message. I got to teach for the local young adults ministry last week to finish out their study of 2 Peter. If you’re in the area, consider giving to this awesome ministry:

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