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Why Deborah the Judge Would NOT Support Women in Church Leadership

This is a guest article written by my friend Michael White. It is in response to this.¬† Deborah held the position of Judge in Israel at a time when there was no king in Israel and everyone did what was … Continue reading

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The Blessing and Curse of the Information Age

The internet gives a platform to anyone with an opinion. (This isn’t news.) There is no longer the filter of a publisher; money, or status isn’t necessary to be heard, and neither is coherence. While it’s tempting to bemoan this … Continue reading

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Coming soon…

I have had a lot on my plate this last week, and the piece I was hoping to share this week isn’t quite ready. So, here’s a list of what I’ve been working on: Starting an apologetics category Reviewing a … Continue reading

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Parables, Context, and the Prodigal Son

A quick examination of the¬†famous parable, and why a couple of common interpretations just don’t fit the context. Parables, analogies, and metaphors are as common as they are useful. They can communicate a concept far deeper than a simple description. … Continue reading

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