An Incomplete List of Consequences of Misunderstanding the Kingdom of God

Possible consequences of misunderstanding the nature of the Kingdom of God:

  • The crusades
  • The Catholic priesthood
  • Calvin’s Geneva
  • A temptation toward anti-Semitism
  • A tendency to confuse law and grace
  • A tendency to confuse a Christian’s relationship to Sabbath days
  • A temptation to replace straightforward interpretation of scripture for allegory
  • Misapplying scriptures about Israel to the Church, or even America
  • Despair and discouragement in reaction to apostasy and counterfeit Christianity
  • Despair and discouragement at the world’s continued rejection of Christ
  • Forgetting or underappreciating the thriving gospel among the world’s individuals
  • Neglecting the gospel for the “social gospel” and the liberal political agenda
  • Neglecting the gospel for patriotism and the conservative political agenda
  • Neglecting the gospel for a comfortable life
  • Identifying the church with the state
  • Fighting the world’s battles
  • Practically forgetting the return of Christ

    related: The Application for Every Verse  The Kingdom – Part 1

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