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A Concise Response to A Concise Case for Amillennialism

Anthony Charles at thenewgeneva.com released a blog post recently, subtitled, “A Concise Case for Reformed Amillennialism.” It seems like a worthwhile platform for dialogue, so here is a Dispensational Premillennialist’s reaction to the article.

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5 MORE Terrible Objections to the Rapture

This is a response to Dr. Jordan B. Cooper’s 5 Major Problems with the Rapture. I watched Dr. Jordan B. Cooper’s video from a couple of years ago titled, “5 Problems with the Rapture.” Why did I watch a two … Continue reading

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Theological Hipsters

It is well known among American Evangelicals, that the “hip” thing is to be hip-ster and the Hipster’s theology of choice is of the “Reformed” variety. There are even “Reformed before it was cool” T-Shirts… The phenomenon is well known: hipster 20-somethings, eager … Continue reading

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