The Blessing and Curse of the Information Age

The internet gives a platform to anyone with an opinion. (This isn’t news.) There is no longer the filter of a publisher; money, or status isn’t necessary to be heard, and neither is coherence. While it’s tempting to bemoan this state of affairs, the better response is to realize the responsibility is now in your hands. The power is in your hands to literally find any side of any controversy, but that means you also carry the burden of filtering through the nonsense. It falls on you to recognize fallacy from logic, snake oil from cure, bias from fact. We can’t all be experts, scholars, and specialists, but we can all exercise tools of rationality to adjudicate between the testimony of various authorities on the ideas that matter. Don’t turn off your mind. Don’t let others think for you, and don’t let your desires numb your judgment.

The person armed with logic and humility toward the grace of God, is immune to both the chaos of information anarchy, and the tyranny of information totalitarianism.

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